About us

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We design and develop customized lighting systems. Restyling and upgrades of your car, aimed at giving greater safety and driving comfort, increasing visibility and improving the aesthetic impact, giving uniqueness and differentiation. No matter what it is your car, we are here to make it uniquely yours.


The story of La Tana del Tuner begins in 2012 when Carmelo, in the garage of his house, decides to customize his car, starting from the lighting system. His modifications aroused interest not only for the originality \ but above all for the precision and functionality of his works. After having initially satisfied friends and acquaintances, the driving force of mouth to mouth triggered a consistent growth in the demand for his customizations, so much so that he committed himself with seriousness and passion.

Days full of tests, experiments and failures followed sleepless nights spent studying electronics, mechanics and design; there were many warnings and impediments but they did not change the direction chosen. With a very specific goal, finish line after finish, in 2016 the passion and strength of perseverance make a dream come true: La Tana del Tuner.



The creative laboratory of La Tana del Tuner deals with modifications, restoration and repair of the lighting system and optical groups in general; moreover, supported by professionals in the sector, it offers a tailor-made car personalization service, in order to satisfy every request in an innovative perspective: car wrapping, car detailing and polishing, glass darkening, radio installation, parking sensors and rear cameras. We make all

our efforts available to design, together with the customer, and create solutions aimed at constantly improving . The value that

distinguishes us and guides our daily choices comes from the craftsmanship that gives uniqueness and design to each element offered in order to combine every aesthetic change with functional efficiency.