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-Our headlights are plug and play: the car's electrical system will not need any modification and the body computer will not report errors.


-The modifications are made without altering the light structure: no cutting tools are used. A specific sealant is used which guarantees a perfect hermetic seal.


-All components are tested before, during and after installation, before shipping the correct operation of the adjustments, lamps and bench LEDs is tested.


-Specify in the purchase notes if you own the convertible version.


-The handcrafted product sometimes implies the manifestation of TEMPORARY status which by their nature are not comparable to imperfections or defects.
Among these there is fogging which is not synonymous with bad sealing, it does not compromise functionality nor does it imply a possible infiltration of water. La Tana Del Tuner cares about the satisfaction of its customers and is therefore keen to specify the important difference between FOG / CONDENSATION, INFILTRATION and VAPORS. Fogging, commonly referred to as condensation, is a physical process given by the thermal shock that occurs inside the headlight following the ignition of an electrical component, the ignition of the vehicle itself or the washing of the car. The temperature of the air present inside the lighthouse changes suddenly, so the hot air is concentrated in the upper part of the lighthouse while the cold one stabilizes in the lower part. These two temperature differences determine the formation of partial or total fogging of the lighthouse (as if blowing on a mirror) which, in the most extreme cases, can cause the formation of water drops on the internal surface of the lighthouse. In headlights equipped with lenticular projectors, the temperature difference will be greater, as the light (and heat) are concentrated and directed in correspondence with the light beam. In any case, the presence of fogging or condensation does not in any way compromise the safety, visibility and correct operation of the optical unit. After numerous tests, we have come to the conclusion that there is no common denominator to prevent or prevent the formation of such phenomena; once the vehicle is turned off, the air inside the headlight will reach the same temperature as the outside one, thus "drying" the visible part. To facilitate air circulation, it is possible to unhook the caps that allow the replacement of the lamps, but taking great care in putting them back in place before the car starts moving and especially in case of rain. The presence of vapors, on the other hand, is due to the burning of particles present in the atmosphere that are deposited on the lamps; when these are lit, reaching high temperatures causes the deposits to burn, creating a patina, sometimes oily, inside the glass.
When this phenomenon occurs, it is advisable to temporarily release the caps to facilitate air circulation and in a short time they will become transparent again as if nothing had happened.
Do not release the caps in case of rain

-La Tana del Tuner undertakes to maintain the originality of the light in all its components and parts (where not explicitly requested by the customer), but for some lights, and especially in the presence of chromium plating, some defects are subject to a craftsmanship




- La Tana Del Tuner assumes no responsibility in the event of damage or malfunctions due to incorrect installation or installation not carried out by professionals in the sector (see electricians or competent installation centers), which can only be proved by invoice or installation receipt.


-On some vehicles there is the possibility that any components are not compatible with the standard lighting system, it is therefore necessary to connect the component directly to the battery and interrupt the connection with a switch with attached fuse or power it through a relay. Tana Del Tuner is not obliged to provide specific indications on incompatibility relating to vehicles on which no modification has yet been made. Any further adaptation necessary for operation, not mentioned in the estimate phase, has an additional cost of € 35 / h relating to labor, excluding new components and consumables.



-Our handcrafted products are made on request, therefore they are NOT prompt delivery. The timing of realization varies from 5 to 45 working days (based on the work already on site). Do not order if you think the product will be delivered within a few days!​





- The warranty fully covers all components, electrical and mechanical, for 30 days from the moment the package is received by the buyer. The repairs of all defects that could occur in this period of time are the responsibility of La Tana Del Tuner. Shipping costs are not included. In any case, shipments are charged to the customer.


-The LED components are guaranteed for 6 months, any problems relating to painting, water infiltration (no fogging), or problems related to processing are guaranteed for 12 months. The physical replacement of the LED component is not covered by the warranty, we can replace it (with return at the customer's expense) but not install it under warranty. The replacement work is therefore to be considered separately.




- La Tana Del Tuner assumes no responsibility in the event of problems relating to damage to body computers or parts of the car other than the lights themselves, due to incorrect installation.


-Before installing, make sure that all caps are tight, that there are no breaks, that the headlight is intact in all its components. La Tana del Tuner assumes no responsibility in case of incorrect installation.


- If, upon delivery, the package should show obvious signs of dents or bumps, accept it subject to inspection. If, having accepted the package without reservation, there should be broken components, La Tana Del Tuner assumes no responsibility and it is not possible to make up for it and / or the carrier.





-Shipping is made by express parcel 3, but delivery will be made by SDA which deals with the management of large volumes on behalf of the Italian post office.













(1) Red wire with fuse: Battery positive
(2) Red cables: User
(3) Black cable: Ground
(4) Blue cable: Exciter


This wiring is supplied with our lights to obtain the correct functioning of the same without having errors in the body computer or various lights failures. Connection and operation is very simple:


The users (2) will be powered directly by the battery (1), the command will be given by the blue cable (4) which will take the current from the spotlight, thus activating the relay and turning on the LED components. Obviously, do not forget to connect the ground (3) to the battery. Should you find resistances externally to the lights, usually orange, IT IS RECOMMENDED NOT TO BIND OR DEFINITELY PLACE THEM ON PLASTIC SURFACES OR ELECTRIC CABLES, as they heat up to the point of melting the plastic. You can easily screw them into a part of the chassis or bodywork (See reinforcement bars, mudguards, cross member).

If you have any doubts or problems during the assembly phase, do not hesitate to contact us, we will reply as soon as possible during the indicated working hours.
The number at which you can contact us is 3421693264, you can call every day from 10 to 12 and from 16 to 18 except Saturdays and Sundays.